ThetaHealing Basic Course – Lebanon

No Pre-requisites needed If you want to witness a transformation on all levels (be it emotional, physical, mental, financial etc..), resolve any blocks preventing you to manifest anything that you want in your life, Thetahealing is the modality for you. Anything that is happening in your life, if it is in your reality, then you…


Tarot Card Reading

Opening your cards to uncover the secrets of your life your hard questions and future decisions open to answer all your worries on love, career, health, and all three


Reiki Workshop

This fun workshop is an introduction to Reiki. It is suitable for those who want to experience some energy healing techniques for the first time or those who have experience in others areas and wish to broaden their knowledge and skills. You will experience reiki teachings through a balance of information, sharing, reiki demonstrations, hands…


Reiki For Your Pets Too

Helps pets and animals of all sizes feel better and heal faster through the gentle hands-on therapy. It promotes deep relaxation and restores balance to the entire body


  • Reiki treatment

    Reiki treatment


Reiki is an ancient healing system which uses the hand-on laying technique through which the life force is healed and subtle energies with in our body are balanced



A technique used to read the palm to uncover personalities, preferences, changes in life career progression, love and health



This meditation technique, for the night time, consists of four stages of fifteen minutes each. Begin with a seated breathing meditation, and proceed to gentle, spontaneous movements, followed by a period of deep relaxation. This hour-long album is specifically designed as a part of Osho’s “Active Meditation” series. The music supports the energy and activity…


Numerology Report

Generating a full scope numerology report to study the secrets of numbers in your life uncover your challenges and make sure you use the best of your number’s luck



Law of Attraction Guided Meditation

You’re here because you’ve probably watched “The Secret” movie and have many unanswered questions. Well you should have, this meditation will give you the secret ingredients you need – the best law of attraction visualization and the number one law of attraction meditation for achieving perfect health, attracting the love of your life, surrounding yourself…