Nadine, from her teenager life likes to help people and even at school she brought gifts to her classmates! Her dream was to become a doctor, but the fate made her a chemist. She worked for 6 years in the medical field as a medical representative and has attained the WSFE (world sales force excellence) certificate. She continued her life carrier as a teacher and learned “difficulty in learning techniques”. She is now continuing her master’s degree in medicinal chemistry; she is working in a cure for first stage of Alzheimer disease. She had a lot of ups and down in her life, but not anymore since she joined the house of healing team and became the marketing manager of the house of healing and feels pleasure in doing that She did Reiki by Mohammad who changed her life and enlightened the energy inside her. She decided to learn Reiki techniques and become a practitioner of it. She entered the theta healing workshop, the most powerful healing technique since it is connected to the creator, and became a certified theta healer. Nadine also became an access bar practitioner; she can touch 32 points in your head and release your energy bar of money creativity time and space and many more. She took also the facelift access bar technique to rejuvenate all the body .She is looking forward to share her positive energy with everyone! Spread love and peace. Meditation is a powerful balancing technique and the highest levels of fulfilment in life.