Diana has been a healer and teacher most of her life.  She worked in a school with children for 7 years and gave workshops in the Gulf and Thailand.  Her workshop was entitled “Behavioral challenges in the classroom, there is a technique that works for you”.  Diana believes only in positive reinforcement and preparing our youth for the world today by developing their individuality and confidence.  She prepares them for real life events and guides them to finding their own desires and following that path.  “Every person is unique and we have to take the time to get to know them and teach them in the way that works for them, we are not all the same – we need to take time to get to know our students and help them accordingly”.  Graduating with a degree in Psychology, Diana has her own unique approaches and has worked in many youth centers in Canada.  After working with children for over 10 years, Diana went on her own path of self-discovery and healing.  She participated in Vipassana, a very intense silent meditation retreat, she then went on to take many shamanic workshops and go on journeys. Diana found her calling to healing very strong and continued to explore her potential and went on to take the Sudarshan Kriya at the Art of living and dived into the world of self-discovery and the “truth”.  Aside being an ESL and Kindergarten teacher, Diana went on to get certified in Reiki and then travelled to India to become a certified Ayurvedic therapist acquiring knowledge on natural remedies and nutrition.  Upon her return to Lebanon, Diana began catering healthy food, (sattvic, and vegan) and proceeded to obtain her Hatha Yoga certification.  Missing the children, Diana went on to also obtain her Rainbow Kids yoga certification and has been teaching yoga to kids and adults for over a year now.  She has taught at gyms all over Lebanon alongside yoga studios, birthday parties, summer camps…and finally she participated at the Beirut Yoga Festival teaching an inspiring and beautiful “Family yoga” class.  Diana keeps exploring and going deeper while sharing her love for yoga and guiding all students inward in order to achieve this feeling of peace that is the seed of who we are.  Her goal is to leave you feeling confident and great about yourself; Diana truly cares about her students and feels that a change starts from home.  Her upcoming plans are working on helping those who would like to reset their body with a juice cleanse paired with sharing the love for yoga at all times.