Andrew, a positive soul, has been interested in magic ever since childhood. As a child, he always fantasized about having superpowers to heal, fly, and better the world. As he matured and reality sunk in, he found his magical calling by talking to people, using his philosophical drama free recipe, and using energy healing. He went on taking a Reiki Level 1 course. Now he is currently continuing to advance his techniques at The House of Healing in Beirut. He also got a certificate in Quantum Touch at the “Harmony Center”. Andrew believes that healing doesn’t only have to happen in a one on one session but is a constant way of life with his friends and acquaintances. Those who are ready and willing to heal gives him great joy. His secret – not so secret – recipe is Love. Most people around him refer to him as a psychologist, always optimistic and it is in his innate nature to help. He aspires to learn more about energy healing and feels is destined for much more in the spiritual and healing world.  Andrew also practices yoga and meditation in his spare time. He believes most answers lie in the realm of meditation and is an avid believer in the visions he sees. His worldly practices are social media, photo editing, 3D artist, photography, and watchmaker. He is currently working on an art project to represent Lebanon at the Francophone contest taking place in Abidjan. Andrew feels he is caught up between two worlds. The world as we know it with all it’s superficial beauty, and the spiritual world. Finding balance between the two has been a great adventure for him and senses a great change in that balance due to the sudden high vibrations of the earth.