Farah graduates this year to become a psychomotor therapist; during her 3 years of college and numerous internships she mainly worked with disabled children and children experiencing concerns that impact their well-being. She learned how to enhance a child’s self-esteem by providing body experiences. Through a sensory approach, she leads each child to become able to uncover and address his unique needs and unresolved conflicts. She focuses on the expression through postures and body language. Her interventions are usually aimed at behavioral and emotional difficulties. She is interested in at therapy so she can help children to express themselves with an easy way.
Furthermore, during her 3 years of experience in a nursery she supervised psychomotor activities such as gross and fine motor skills and was able to stimulate children’s learning abilities and built strong relationships with their parents.
She also worked in a summer camp for 4 year during which she was able to build team work spirit by preparing and managing group games and workshops for the kids. She insisted on developing their independence by dividing tasks into steps. These tasks seemed simple yet they helped the children develop a sense of confidence.
In addition Farah works as a volunteer in different NGOs that supports mental illness.
Finally she was given the chance to work with kids who suffer from ADHD; anxiety and depression.